Why is TenSkinTM different?

Ten Bio’s innovative real human skin model advances preclinical testing to new levels by providing the most physiologically relevant system for use in a wide range of applications.

TenSkinTM maintains skin’s inherent viability and ability to respond to external stimuli through a next-generation culture technology which maintains the tissue under an optimum mechanical tension mimicking the in vivo environment.

By maintaining skin integrity for 2+ weeks it is now possible to fully investigate complex skin responses and processes including wound healing and skin rejuvenation.

Full thickness human skin

TenSkinTM incorporates normal full-thickness human abdominal skin including complete dermal and epidermal layers and features normal barrier function provided by an intact stratum corneum.

The presence of minor skin cell populations such as immune and pigment cells together with normal appendages such as hair follicles and sweat glands offers researchers a valuable tool to bridge the gap between ex vivo and in vivo studies.

Economical and ethical research

TenSkinTM is prepared from ethically sourced and fully consented surplus surgical tissue and arrives in a ready-to-use format suitable for topical, diffusion and intradermal applications. The skin tissue is harvested, processed and pathogen tested rapidly, the same day as surgery and usually within 8 hours, to ensure the performance of the model is optimised.

Fully consented skin is sourced from an established network of surgical clinics ensuring both timely delivery of client requests and access to a wide range of donor age and skin types. Broad range of applications with a wide variety of fully consented donor skin types to enable testing across the breadth of populations and skin types, including melanin rich skin.


Mimics in vivo response

Cultured under an optimal mechanical tension, TenSkinTM provides the user with skin that not only behaves like skin on the body, but which also feels realistic and is therefore more appropriate for evaluating skin treatments, including topical application, micro needle, and intradermal injections.

Optimal mechanical tension enables TenSkinTM to mimic complex biological processes e.g. response to wounding. The diagram above illustrates virtually identical expression levels of wound healing proteins shown in red when directly compared to the wounded skin of a human volunteer.

TenSkinTM is suitable for a wide range of applications including wound healing, compound efficacy assessment and response to UV radiation, shown above. Follow the link to our Research Services to learn about other areas of research where TenSkinTM can provide significant advantages over traditional skin models, or contact us to have TenSkin delivered to your lab in the USA.

Our team is ready to tell you more about TenSkin™ technology and the broad testing and research services we can offer.

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