Full-thickness human skin complete with dermal and epidermal layers with appendages and minor skin cell populations, cultured at an optimum mechanical tension providing viability extending to beyond 2 weeks.

At Ten Bio we are dedicated to advancing research in skin biology. Using our products and services our clients take significant steps forward in their skin research. By restoring skin’s inherent mechanobiology, our unique culture system retains skin’s physiological complexity, metabolic activity, and structural integrity, and is unmatched by other systems.

Mechanical tension

Mechanical tension plays a vital role in organ and tissue morphology and function. Ten Bioʼs unique TenSkinTM culture system allows real human skin to be cultured at physiological tension, which assures a normal and realistic tissue response.

This enables evaluation of a broad range of responses over longer durations and more accurately than in other systems, allowing research teams to make more informed decisions at every stage of R&D. Better decisions drive better results, rapid progress, and lower costs.

TenSkin’s™ broad capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of applications including basic skin research, cosmetic and pharmaceutical compound efficacy testing, skin irritation and wound healing.

The most biologically relevant model for skin research

  • Expedite your product development process through improved understanding of the impact of compounds or stimuli on skin anatomy and physiology
  • Better predict the outcome of clinical trials through the acquisition of more accurate data from the tests employed
  • Enable more effective use of R&D resources
  • Investigate complex skin responses and processes including wound healing and skin rejuvenation over an extended period
  • Generate highly informative, predictive pre-clinical data without animal testing

Transform your research with TenSkinTM

Get in touch to discuss how Ten Bio can support your R&D program, or contact us to have TenSkinTM delivered to your lab in the USA.

TenSkinTM is suitable for a wide range of applications including wound healing, compound efficacy assessment and response to UV radiation. Follow the links to learn about other areas of research where TenSkinTM can provide significant advantage.

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