Ten Bio is an international research organisation founded in 2020, backed up by a heritage of 10 years of laboratory research and development. Our scientific team has decades of experience in a wide range of dermatological areas including drug discovery, drug delivery, skin model development and general skin biology. With labs in Dundee, Scotland and Kannapolis, NC, we can offer our specialized services to global clients and provide our ready-to-use TenSkinTM model to the North American market.

At Ten Bio we provide optimal human skin models for skin biology testing. By restoring and maintaining physiological skin tension, using our unique culture platform, Ten Bio has succeeded in creating a truly functional and realistic testing platform for skin based research. Our products and research services help generate exacting and clinically relevant data to more accurately predict how their dermatology products will work in vivo. Ten Bio can significantly lower R&D costs and accelerate product development.

We are a passionate team of biologists, physicists, and engineers each bringing a unique set of skills that support the development of our products and research services. Our clients and research partners receive a wealth of support from their very first engagement with us.

Ten Bio is most pleased to have the support and expert guidance of a distinguished panel of scientific advisors. The advisors’ experience in skin biology and its research will be immensely valuable as the company advances its range of products and services that can be deployed on behalf of our clients in a model of research partnership.

Our Team

Ken Fyvie

Non-Executive Chairman

Ken brings extensive commercial knowledge to the team. With a career featuring a diverse range of positions, Ken has 40 years of experience of the life sciences sector through working in pharmaceutical industry in sales and marketing roles and as a member of the management group at PA Consulting Group.


Robyn Hickerson

Founder and CEO

Robyn is co-inventor of Ten Bio’s tension-based ex vivo skin model and as a group leader in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee she has spent the last eight years developing and exploiting this ex vivo technology. Robyn has over 15 years of experience in drug discovery for dermatological indications, including 8 years in industry.

Michael Conneely

Founder, CSO and COO

As co-founder and co-developer of Ten Bio’s tension-based skin culture technology, Michael brings a background in physics and engineering to the team. Michael has spent his career bridging the biological and physics sciences focusing on therapeutic drug delivery using ultrasound and biological tissue mechanics.


Scientific Advisory Board

Prof Alan Irvine

As Professor in Dermatology at Trinity College Dublin, Alan brings 25 years’ experience of design, conduct and analysis of industry and investigator led, clinical trials for common and orphan diseases. His research interests span discovery science to clinical trials, with themes including, epithelial genetics, disease mechanisms in, and therapy of atopic dermatitis and therapeutic repurposing in rare/orphan diseases.

Prof Giuseppe Valacchi

Giuseppe is Professor in Physiology at the University of Ferrara, Adjunct Professor at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea and Professor in Regenerative Medicine at North Caroline State University and brings a wealth of experience to the Advisory Board. His research has focused on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that define the physio-pathological responses of tissue, specifically cutaneous tissue, to altered redox homeostasis with special focus on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that define these responses.

Extended Team

The efforts of Ten Bio’s leadership team are supported by our scientists, technicians and contracted administration staff located at Ten Bio’s labs within the University of Dundee and on the Kannapolis Campus in North Carolina.Dr Dominic Grussu and Kyoko Tsutsumi are based in Ten Bio’s Dundee facilities where they conduct experiments and data analysis on behalf of our clients

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