Ten Bio is proud to announce that our company has been named one of three finalists in Scotland’s Life Science award in the category ‘Innovation – Pharma Services and Drug Discovery’.

Scotland’s Life Sciences Annual Awards showcase eight prestigious awards recognising a range of achievements including skills development, innovation, investment, innovative collaboration, and business leadership.  

The innovation in pharma services and drug discovery award will be presented to an organisation that has been responsible for the creation of an innovative product or service that is contributing real value to the pharmaceutical and drug discovery processes.

Ten Bio founder’s Dr Robyn Hickerson and Dr Michael Conneely initially developed explant skin models to enable their own drug discovery programmes. Frustrated by the limitations of standard ex vivo skin models, they combined Dr Hickerson’s biology expertise with Dr Conneely’s advanced physics and engineering capability to create our patented innovation TenSkinTM.

The full thickness human skin cultured at optimal tension that is TenSkinTM uniquely restores the skin’s innate mechano-biology, maintaining all the relevant anatomy and physiology of the dermal and epidermal layers and therefore closely mimicks the behaviour of skin in vivo.

From day one, TenSkinTM and the Ten Bio expertise have been delivering value to major US corporations both as a research partner and supplier of TenSkinTM units to pharma, biotech, and cosmetic companies. Our products and research services are now being provided across the globe to help generate exacting and clinically relevant data to more accurately predict how their dermatology products will work in vivo.

The awards will be presented and celebrated at a glittering black-tie dinner on 16th March 2023 at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

January 2023