Dr Paul Campbell, Reader in Physics at the University of Dundee has recently begun a secondment to Ten Bio through an Innovation Scholarship funded by the UK’s Medical Research Council. The project, entitled:  Skin Metrology for Optimised Deployment of the Ten Bio device portfolio, will see Dr Campbell work directly with the company’s technical and research staff in a bid to help realise a fully automated manufacturing of the TenSkinTM product amongst other objectives.

Dr Campbell has background industry experience across the Defence, Surface-Analytical and Medical sectors. Since joining University of Dundee in 2004, he has focused on developing solutions to challenges principally within the Biomedical Physics arena, with specific interests now focused on the development of both fundamental mechanistic understanding and technological solutions that exploit [ultra]sound and light/lasers for drug delivery.

Speaking to the work programme that lies ahead, Dr Campbell states that, ‘The main challenge to be solved with this project relates to the essential complexity of human skin when it is subjected to time-dependent stresses. This outward empirical observation therefore introduces a level of difficulty in optimising automated procedures and protocols, demanding real-time sensing and control, aspects that we hope to realise at the earliest possible stage through our mutually developed programme of innovative R&D’.

The Innovation Scholarship Secondment programme is overseen by UK Research and Innovation and aims to, create porosity between sectors by enabling career mobility, boost the skills, knowledge and career development of people, intensify knowledge exchange between the biomedical industry and academia and add value to the biomedical sciences sector and the UK economy by increasing productivity.

Dr Campbell further comments, ‘This is an exciting project combining physics and engineering ingenuity, that will provide fundamental physical and biophysical insights to the mechanistic behaviour of real human skin. The biologically-linked understanding that we hope will arise from this endeavour could also be ground-breaking, and I am thrilled to be working with scientists of the calibre of Michael and Robyn, as well as their entire Ten Bio technical team at both Dundee and in Kannapolis, in pursuit of our ultimate goal – the delivery of a high quality and reliable automated production enabling the servicing of a substantial market that is clearly crying out for platforms with this level of clinical integrity and relevance’.  

Dr Campbell’s secondment will see him spend fifty percent of his working time on this Ten Bio project interaction over the next 3 years.

June 2022