Since our launch in 2020, Ten Bio has been active in several areas of dermatology. We have previously drafted notes on the value of Ten Bio’s products and service in wound healing, and in supporting both new drug discovery and innovative drug delivery technologies. However, a recent review of our experience showed that most prominent in Ten Bio’s portfolio to-date has been work in the field of aesthetic dermatology.

Aesthetic dermatology is the branch of skin science which is focussed on protecting, maintaining and restoring skin health and appearance primarily using medical treatments. The term ‘rejuvenating‘ the skin is often applied.

These treatments can be varied, and a treatment plan may include creams, injections, lasers and energy-based devices and chemical peels.

The market for these treatments is growing rapidly under the influence of several drivers. The popularity of social media and the pressures to look good and be healthy is driving a huge uptick in the demand for skin care products. Demand is up globally but most notable is the surge in the demand for aesthetic dermatology in Asia’s markets. Local companies are capitalising on the surge. We noted Shiseido’s ‘Win 2023’ strategy which emphasise skincare in a previous article.

What is interesting is the demographic which is the vanguard of this surge in demand. Historically aesthetic dermatology was mostly targeted at middle aged and elderly as they sought to regain some images of youth or at least stave off and delay obvious signs of aging. More recently it has emerged as a key element of youth culture where the young adults of today look to protect and retain their youthful appearance. Empowered by the resources to research what is available, to evaluate what is their favoured options and to pay the prices for those preferences, these customers are better informed and more attuned to find out what is best for them by evaluating the evidence that supports the claims of these products and services.  

So, beyond the traditional hurdles of advertising and trading standards the brands supplied to this market now have a new and stringent challenge to address – the research and opinions of their customers and users! Having robust evidence in support of claims is key. And the goal of delivering that evidence is a driver of Ten Bio’s business in this important market segment.

Ten Bio’s core platform, TenSkin™ provides companies with a reliable and predictable test bed for their products. TenSkin™ is full thickness human skin at tension which returns the skin to a state very close to in vivo with the ability to closely mimic the real-world responses of users’ skin. The unique attributes of the TenSkin™ brand and Ten Bio’s expert research partnering services offer significant advantages to the testing processes.

  • Rigorous testing which delivers accurate and predictive results on which subsequent in vivo testing can be based
  • Unique flexibility in testing to enable studies over extended periods and in altered environmental conditions to better simulate real world responses
  • Bespoke assays to generate compelling data to support development and marketing claims
  • Multidisciplinary team matched with a broad range of readouts including molecular, histological, and physical skin measurements to enable interpretation and to enhance advertising content.

Beyond these important attributes there is another and perhaps even more important factor that Ten Bio can offer with TenSkin™. There is no longer a skin ‘normal’ or “one size fits all” approach that can be applied to the assessment of a treatments’ actions on skin. A much greater focus has emerged to develop products that can either, provide efficacy across skin types or are tailored to the specific needs of a certain skin type.

Ten Bio has established a network of surgical partners to provide a range of skin types available for testing, ensuring we stay in step with the needs of the consumers and their suppliers. Whether evaluating sun protection factors, dermal fillers, or micro-needling approaches to stimulate pro-collagen deposition in the dermal layers, Ten Bio can provide the range of skin types and services required for successful testing in our TenSkin™ platform.

The team looks forward to hearing from you regarding what Ten Bio as a research partner can do for your company’s progress in the field of aesthetic dermatology.

Ken Fyvie

August 2023