We offer a unique set of world-class research capabilities combined with access to a significant range of state-of-the-art technologies and assays. Whether you need help with the definition of your research question, experimental design work, access to derm-specific lab equipment or someone to do the heavy lifting of your pre-designed study, we offer all this in Ten Bio’s comprehensive range of end-to-end research services.

Enhancing your skin research is what we do best

Ten Bio is a passionate team of biologists, physicists, and engineers, each bringing a unique and complementary set of skills that enable delivery of our leading-edge products and research services.

Our clients and research partners receive a wealth of support from their earliest engagement and can take advantage of our full-spectrum of expertise, including experimental design and execution, and an extensive catalog of SOP’s to accelerate R&D programs. We offer a comprehensive range of sample analysis techniques, including histological analysis, RNA isolation and RT-qPCR, and complete data analytics and interpretation packages for a wide range of application areas.

State-of-the-art capabilities

  • Catalog of SOP’s and assays
  • Full histological workup
  • Brightfield microscopy
  • Confocal microscopy including whole tissue imaging
  • RNA isolation
  • RT-qPCR

Complete and flexible research services

Using a combination of our expertise and technologies we provide tailor-made solutions to help our clients achieve unprecedented progress in their skin research programs.

To read more about how mechanical tension plays a crucial role in our TenSkinTM product please follow the link to the Technology page.

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