The Ten Bio team is looking forward to attending a series of dermatology focused conferences throughout 2024. We hope to build on the successes of 2023 when the events attended provided Ten Bio’s team with opportunities to meet and engage with representatives of companies in our key markets. A highlight from then was attending the ISID in Tokyo in May last year which provided Ten Bio a fantastic opportunity to engage with potential clients in that geography. We are now testing logistic solutions to ensure that our unique brand TenSkin™ can be delivered to the priority markets of Japan and South Korea in optimal condition with the skin’s physiological integrity intact.  

Our conference planning for 2024 has already started with our first action being a collaboration with Merz Aesthetics to jointly author a scientific poster presented at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco, in March. The poster described our joint work to define an optimised approach to assess the tissue integration of hyaluronic acid-containing dermal fillers by employing Ten Bio’s tensioned ex vivo human skin model TenSkin™. This has been a great experience for Ten Bio and we look forward to more, future collaborations with Merz Aesthetics and other businesses operating in dermatology-related fields.

May and June are busy months for Ten Bio. We are exhibiting at SID in Dallas, TX from 15th to 18th May. Our past experiences with the SID have been very positive so committing to attend this year was an easy decision to make. We look forward to sharing our latest data on TenSkin™ with the researchers, clinicians and industry representatives who compose the delegates at this excellent event. Our founders will also attend the IPCC satellite meeting being held at the SID. As members of the scientific advisory board and working groups, they look forward to contributing to this meeting focused on rare genetic skin disorders.

In early June we will be attending BIO 2024 in San Diego as part of the Scottish delegation. We are looking forward to the opportunity to attend this keystone biotech event and to make valuable connections with leaders across the pharma, biotech, government, and academic landscapes. In early June we will turn our attention to anti-ageing, with two events in London… and on the same dates, 25th and 26th June. ‘Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference’ is at the Royal College of Physicians at Regent’s Park while a few hundred yards away the ‘Skin forum – international skin science network’ will take place at UCL’s School of Pharmacy. The team may get a bit of exercise ensuring that we are present at both events as they represent great opportunities for Ten Bio to both learn of the latest research and showcase our innovations in dermatology testing to the delegates. We are very keen to discuss with researchers the advances we have made in creating a test environment in which temperature and humidity can be varied to explore the impact of different climates on anti-ageing products and other interventions when applied to our TenSkin™ platform.

After the summer ‘ESDR2024’ in Lisbon is again a priority for Ten Bio. We look forward to engaging with the delegates and to meeting clients past, present, and future at this prestigious event in Europe.

September is also the month of ‘Microneedle & Intradermal Delivery Forum 2024’. Supporting research into improving drug delivery is another element of Ten Bio’s attention to biopharma. The unique attributes of TenSkin™ make it the ideal test platform for injection or needless delivery. We have received many comments from researchers regarding not only the simplicity of injecting TenSkin™ compared to other models, but also the similarity with injecting into in vivo human skin. This is an important differentiator for Ten Bio’s brand and to help contribute further to this exciting area of skin research, we have developed and made available new versions of TenSkin™ that can easily accommodate the experiments being undertaken with microneedle and other advanced delivery technologies. To emphasise this point and our focus, the ‘Transdermal and Microneedle Drug Delivery’ event on 11th and 12th November is also a target for Ten Bio.

The last event for Ten Bio this year will be ‘Skin@Bath, Skin & Synovium Network Symposium’ in mid-December. We have enjoyed previous events and as a result have a close link with the University of Bath that Ten Bio values highly and is very keen to expand. Attendance at this interesting biannual cross academia and industry forum is an important event in Ten Bio’s conference calendar. As we embark on this series of conferences the Ten Bio team encourages delegates at all of these events to approach us and to share their R&D experiences with our expert team and learn of our expanding range of research partnering services and TenSkin™ products. The TenSkin™ range features several variants to address a wide range of research applications, including larger area versions and models with adipose tissue suitable for subcutaneous injections. We are very much focused on developing our range and the team’s expertise to best fit the needs of the customers and to do that, we need to hear your stories. We all look forward to an excellent series of events and lots of interesting dialogue.

See you there!

Ken Fyvie

April 2024